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Who is Moriarty?

Jim Moriarty is a fictional character in the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes stories

James ‘Jim’ Moriarty (Andrew Scott) is the only “consulting criminal” in the world, a counterpoint to Sherlock‘s similarly unrivalled “consulting detective” and his primary antagonist. His interest in Sherlock borders on obsession, though he does not hesitate trying to kill him when he loses interest. Like Sherlock, he appears to be motivated by boredom rather than money or power.

He is also an excellent actor, frequently shown to have convinced others that he is someone else – indeed his first appearance occurs as a gay man whom Molly is seeing, and Sherlock does not realise his identity at the time. In “The Great Game”, Moriarty forces Sherlock to solve mysteries within a time limit, taking hostages to ensure that Sherlock is sufficiently motivated.

Mortiarty is played by Scottish actor Andrew Scott.

Source: Wikipedia

Moriarty and the Final Plan – Sherlock Series 2 – BBC

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