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Debunking Fashion Ideas to Help You Upgrade Your Wardrobe

It’s the perfect time of the year to spruce up your wardrobe and cop new styles for the upcoming year. Before bidding the year farewell, you can also take this time to say goodbye to your old clothes that don’t serve your style anymore.

Before going on a shopping spree, you have to disprove some fashion tips that you might have been following for a long time. To start finding the type of fashion that brings out your inner style, here are some guides for you to follow.

Widen Your Categories

Like with age, fashion is a way to express yourself, making it fluid and unyielding to gender norms. The world is finally in the day and age where no one’s going to give you trouble for choosing clothes that don’t conform to your assigned gender, and if someone does, many people are quick to come to your rescue.

With that in mind, you have the liberty of trying nonbinary fashion. You can broaden your selections from feminine to masculine clothes and rock different looks according to your mood.

Oversized Does Not Equal Stylish

There’s a charm surrounding oversized garments. It primarily builds on the cozy and cute appeal. However, sadly it’s not for everyone.

Instead of opting to wear large sartorial styles that can be ill-fitting and make you uncomfortable, it’s better to dress in pieces that fit you at the right places and accentuate your curves and lines.

Don’t Rely on Stripes, Learn Balance Instead

There’s a universally known fashion tip that wearing clothes with vertical stripes can make you look thinner and taller than you are. There is some truth in that. But rather than use outdated hacks, you can rely on your creativity to make you look more stylish.

Learning how to balance pieces is a trick you must know if you’re hoping to upgrade your style. For example, instead of matching tight crop tops and turtlenecks with fitted pants, partner them with wide pants to add a complementing volume to your look.

Belts Aren’t Only for Clothes with Loops

The purpose of belts is mainly to keep pants securely on the waist. However, they can also serve a fashion purpose that will help make your OOTDs look more cohesive.

If you still can’t let go of your oversized clothing, this is your chance to make them stay in your wardrobe. You can use a wide belt to accentuate your waist when you’re wearing an oversized sweater. Using a belt over your coat is another way of making it look like a style straight out of fashion week.

Colorful Isn’t Always Pleasing to the Eye

When wearing an outfit that showcases layers of vibrant colors, you need to have high confidence levels. It’s not easy to rock a look with multiple bright colors that can either be a head-turner or an eyesore.

Donning on several hues at once can be fun. But if you’ve yet to master this fashion technique, it’s best to take your time and experiment with which shades suit you the best. You can start with two-toned pieces and work your way from there.

Keep Basics and Avoid Excessive Shopping

Clothes that come in one piece, like dresses and jumpers, are staples in the closet. But they provide few styling options since the top and bottom parts are inseparable unless you cut and alter them. When giving your wardrobe a makeover, you should keep the basics, like shirts, shorts, and pants. These are what you can mix and match and still look fantastic with other clothes.

It’s also essential to care for your clothes by sending them to trustworthy dry cleaners to keep them in excellent shape. Switching up your basics and re-wearing old clothes can help you revolutionize your style without the added cost.

Bargains Aren’t Always a Steal

It’s easy to get excited over sales and thrift store finds considering the options you’ll have when coordinating an outfit that’s perfect for different engagements. To not let yourself willingly walk into a trap posed by deals, you need to remember that fashion need not be expensive.

Although thrift stores and sales indeed sell clothing at much lower prices, the fact remains that you didn’t get to save; you lost money instead. You can try to give the clothes in your closet a new lease of life by upcycling them into other chic garments so you can refrain from buying pieces there’s no guarantee that you’ll wear. Still, if a purchase is necessary, you can find your style in startup brands that may be as stylish as luxurious ones, sans the cost.

Fashionable clothes only work if you know how to style them properly. With great tips and an on-point fashion sense, you can rock any look may they be from cheap or expensive brands.

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