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What is a pedicure bowl?

A pedicure bowl is a bowl that looks stylish and can be used in environments that have water.

he portable, lightweight collections provide spas, nail bars & wellness centres an alternative to noisy thrones and the ability to ‘spa anywhere’ – poolside, in a lobby, celebrity spa parties or anywhere one can imagine creating a relaxing experience for a guest or oneself. The pedicure bowl collection is ergonomic and ‘made to be mobile’ with the ability to be plumbed for a fixed pedicure station. An ideal option for architects and interior designers looking to create their own unique pedicure environments and a strategic window of opportunity to service the quickly growing Nail Bar industry worldwide through personalized at home spa services. 

Noel Asmar brings a sense of brand-presence and pure artfulness to every detail of the deluxe manicure and pedicure. Artful, coloured resin bowls, manicure & treatment dishes are proudly designed and made in Vancouver and an earthy hammered copper option in addition to stainless steel and brass are designed in Vancouver and hand hammered in India.

Order yours online, to delight your clients with a stylish experience and distinguish your services today.

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