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What does who mean?

Who means World Health Organization

The WHO (or as the rest of the world she knows: World Health Organization) is a specialized organization of the UN with the aim of mapping the global aspect of health care. The WHO takes on an important role in a health crisis, but also elsewhere: in the areas of poverty, demography and nature. The WHO helps countries with the drafting of a health policy and provides information. The WHO/who has been in existence since 7 April 1948 and that day is still celebrated annually with a World Health day. The WHO has a number of core functions, tasks they focus on, which are valid for a period of 10 years, in 2015 will be reviewed. The WHO works closely with food and animal organisations because outbreaks of viruses are often related to animals or food. In an outbreak of a disease there is often turmoil and hysteria, who tries to fight this with clear information. More information about the WHO can be read on the website.

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