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What is a bard?

“Bard” is a term with several different meanings, depending on the context:

  1. In literature, a bard is a poet or singer who composes and performs epic or heroic poems and songs.
  2. In gaming, a bard is a character class in role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Bards are often portrayed as charismatic musicians who use their songs and spells to heal allies, boost morale, and weaken enemies.
  3. In medieval history, a bard was an itinerant poet, singer, or storyteller who entertained people at court, in taverns, and on the streets. Bards in this sense were similar to modern-day troubadours.
  4. In anatomy, a bard refers to a device used to prevent blood clots from forming in a blood vessel or artery. The device is also called an IVC filter or inferior vena cava filter.

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