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What is election fraude?

Election fraud is a term used to describe any illegal or unethical activity that is intended to manipulate or interfere with the outcome of an election. This can take many forms, including voter intimidation, tampering with ballot boxes, altering vote counts, distributing false information about candidates or election procedures, and more.

Election fraud is a serious offense that can undermine the integrity of the democratic process and erode public trust in the electoral system. It is illegal in most countries, and those who are found guilty of election fraud can face severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or even revocation of their right to vote or run for office.

To prevent election fraud, governments and electoral authorities often take steps to ensure the security and fairness of the voting process. This can include measures such as voter identification requirements, strict rules and regulations for candidates and political parties, and monitoring and surveillance of polling stations to prevent any irregularities or illegal activities.

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