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Michigan Hunting Essentials

The state of Michigan, which is in the Great Lakes region, is home to many wildlife. Michigan is the state that is perfect for both hunting and fishing enthusiasts due to numerous places that offer game hunting and have great fishing spots. Many hunting and fishing places in the state do not only cater to enthusiasts but also provide families or groups of friends that only want a weekend adventure.

Hunting and Fishing Spots: Where to Go

The state’s Department of Natural Resources has an online guide that lists all the fishing locations across Michigan. These locations are further classified into the following:

  • Trout Trails
  • Fishing Locations by Region
  • Boating Access
  • Family Friendly Fishing Waters
  • Campgrounds
  • Inland Lake Maps
  • Fishing in State Parks and Forests

The online help also has roadmaps guide, fishing information system, and inland lake maps.
With all these tools, you will be able to find the best fishing spots in Michigan, especially if you are looking for bass, lake sturgeon, salmon, northern pike, panfish, muskellunge, smelt, trout, walleye, yellow perch, and other species.
For hunting enthusiasts, Kalamazoo, Michigan have some of the best places to hunt:

  • Red River Camps
  • Rolling Hills Shooting Preserve
  • Top Gun Hunt Club
  • Grand River Gamebirds Hunting Preserve
  • Maple Lane Hunting Preserve
  • The Ring Neck Ranch
  • Pine Hill Kennels and Sportsman Club

Before You Go Fishing or Hunting

Before you proceed with your adventure, you need to acquire a fishing license and a hunting license from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The fishing license is not required if you are under 17 years old. An adult is necessary to assist and adhere to rules set by the authorities with regards to fishing. The state’s fishing license is valid from 1 March through 31 March of the following year.

Here are the following rates of fishing licenses:

  • All Fish Species – resident rate $26.00 (annual) . Non resident $76.00 (annual). discounted rates for resident senior citizens and who are legally blind $11.00 (annual)
  • For resident and non-residents – 24-hour rate is $10.00
  • For resident and non-residents – 72-hour rate $30.00
  • Sportcard that is required for non-resident licenses – $1.00

For hunting licenses, the rates are as follows:

  • Base Hunting License – Junior $6.00 (annual)
  • non resident $151.00 (annual)
  • resident $11 (annual)
  • discounted rates for resident senior citizens and who are legally blind $5.00 (annual)
  • Military Licenses – $0.00
  • Small Game 7-Day Non-Resident License – $80.00
  • Sportcard – $1.00

Apart from base hunting licenses, additional rates depending on the kind of species that you will hunt will be applied.
However, if you are thinking about hunting and fishing at the same time, you can acquire the combo license at the following rates:

  • Resident – $76
  • Non-resident – $266
  • Senior (65+, Michigan residents only) – $43.00

The rate includes the base, two deer, and annual all-species fishing licenses.
Once you have decided on what to have, be it fishing or hunting, you should now find the best gear for your chosen adventure. There are many providers of hunting and fishing gear in Michigan that can also help in facilitating accommodations and licenses.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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