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Dazzle Your Neighbors with Life-sized Christmas Trees Each Year

Life-sized Christmas trees are an excellent way to add some zing into your home decorations during the holidays. To achieve this feat, you must keep the trees in your garden in excellent shape all year round.

Having the right selection of trees in your garden makes for a breezy Christmas light installation in Utah. You can let your exuberant Christmas spirit overflow into your garden as well. Outlining the trees with colorful Christmas lights creates a beautiful atmosphere around the home during the festive season.

However, before you can light up your home and garden during the holidays, you must keep your trees in great shape all through the year. Having the right mix of evergreen and deciduous trees means that your garden never loses its appeal all year round.

Pick the right trees

Your choice of trees plays a considerable roll in successfully establishing a lavish garden. Trees come in all shapes and sizes, among other unique characteristics. You must account for the size of your garden, climate, and soils when picking out trees. Be sure to ask your local experts to help you with this step, as it’s crucial to your overall success.

Picking the wrong trees can thwart your efforts to establish a beautiful garden, and it can even incur the wrath of your neighbors or local authorities. If you have a small yardstick, check your ornamental trees if they don’t grow higher than 10 meters. Their rooting systems aren’t as extensive and won’t damage your home’s foundation and utilities, such as the sewerage system.

Cornelian-cherry dogwood, Crabapple, American hornbeam, and Flowering dogwood make great ornamental trees. They require little maintenance and come in many beautiful shapes. As such, they lend themselves to Christmas decorations during the festivities.

Practice good tree hygiene

As is typical with most plants, trees are susceptible to pests and diseases. You must protect them from these threats if you’re to reap the benefits that come with having a full garden. That means pruning them regularly to remove dead and diseased parts, spraying with pesticides, and more. Matching the trees to your local climate reduces their susceptibility to pests, diseases, and inclement weather.

Trimming your trees properly encourages proper development while encouraging flowering. It also lets you shape the trees into any shape that meets your unique needs. In addition to stopping the spread of disease, trimming lets you keep the tree at the desired height. You can also check the spread of the branches to keep them from overhanging into the neighboring property.

If you’re not handy with shears, knapsack, or shears, be sure to outsource these services to an expert. Working with a tree surgeon saves you the agony of having your trees die on your watch, or having to pay thousands to the city after your trees damage public utilities.

If a miniature Christmas tree won’t do it for you, you can extend the party to your garden and have life-sized Christmas trees shining brightly in the garden. However, before you can wow your neighbor and have them talking about your Christmas decorations for months, you must keep the trees in great shape. You must have the right species growing in the garden and provide them with necessary care all year round. Working with an expert can help you achieve this feat seamlessly.

Trees make an excellent addition to your garden, but you need to make the right choices to harness all the benefits they have to offer. In addition to planting the best spices, you need to keep them in great shape.

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

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