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Effective Time Management Tips for Home-based Workers

There are people with impressive time management skills. They’re the ones who finish important tasks and do more in-between. Don’t you wish you could be like that too? Read below if you want to improve on time management.

What Happens to Your Time?

Do you know where you spend most of your time? Take a couple of minutes to ponder how you spend your time each day. Are you focusing on too many things like checking your Social Media accounts or chatting? This is very relaxing but it also takes a lot of your time. So, unless you’re doing that for work then you might want to cut back a little.

That said, you can track your time. There are apps you can download which record your activities. You’ll need these apps when making adjustments to your schedule.

Stick to a Schedule

It will take time to get used to following a schedule but this is helpful for people who tend to slack. If you need help in this department, make sure you list all your supposed activities. Write everything that you need to do within a day. It must include your MITs or “Most Important Tasks”. Most of all, write how much time you’ll need for each task. Set a reasonable time and try to follow that religiously.

Your schedule is your plan on how your day will be like. For example, you should put your MITs in the morning. Your mind is fresh in the morning and you’re more active. This is the time you should spend doing your work. You can follow an important task with a breather. So, if you’re working on a career task, you can rest while tidying up your work station. But be sure to do important tasks first before you turn sleepy.

Avoid Distractions

One of the problems of working from home is distractions. It’s tempting to sit awhile after breakfast before getting into work. The bed is also looking comfy. You should be strong enough to look the other way whether you’re looking at things or people.

Create an “Office Area”

Keep in mind that you’re still working even when you’re at home. You must have a proper area where all your “work things” are. It’s easier to work when the things you need are within arm’s reach. It’s also nice when you live in a place where shops are near. If you like this setup, you should check the hostels in London City Centre. You can be more productive when you live near a bustling location.

Be Realistic When Setting Goals

Sure you may want to do a lot. But know what you can handle within a day. You’re set for disappointment when you list many things when you can’t start the day early or vice versa. That said, stay true to your imperfections. If what you can handle is a few sweeping and wiping after work then go with that. After all, you still have the weekend to do more things.

You can start slowly when it comes to managing your time. Aside from your work tasks, you can add some extra household chores like cooking. Take time to set a schedule and become comfortable with it. Good things happen as long as you’re willing to work on it.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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