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What does ADHD mean?

ADHD means attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder

Or in Dutch: Attention Deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The lack of attention does not affect the attention that the person receives with ADHD, but the fact that the person with ADHD has insufficient attention to his environment. An ADHD-there finds it difficult to keep his attention on one thing, a form of concentration lack. The hyperactivity can be a physical expression, but also inner. Often it is visible through dexterity, where the ADHD-there is not aware of this. The one makes large, coarse movements with arms and legs, in the other out of it in the fidgeting with the fingers. The symptoms are often worse in situations with stress or bustle (many stimuli that come to the person). Often children are thought to have ADHD, but that is not always the case. The symptoms must be tested in different situaites (at school, but also at home). ADHD in children often causes lag in development. ADHD is not curable, but there are medications that can reduce symptoms. Further treatment is done through a personal treatment programme, often with the help of close family/friends.

What is ADHD?Animated Explanations

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