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What is AdSense?

AdSense is Google's ad network

AdSense is a flexible, easy way to generate revenue online. It provides advertisements on many websites, including this website. The advantage is that as an administrator of a website you do not have to do much. You sign up, you are offered a script and you place it, and the rest will be arranged for you. You can still set up some things for colors, and how big the ad may be, but the rest takes care of Google, and it also regulates the relevant ads. The payout principle is simple: When people click on an advertisement, it costs money for The Advertiser, and as a publisher you receive money (of course there is still a percentage to Google). The amounts per Click are very much dependent on the popularity and what the bids are for a word, so it can yield 1 cent per click, but also 4 euro.


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