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What is Blende?

Blende is a kiosk

Blende is a digital kiosk with articles from newspapers and magazines and exists since the end of April 2014. With Blende you can read what interests you, and you pay a small amount there. So you don't pay for the whole newspaper or the entire magazine, but only for the articles you read. Blende is somewhat similar to iTunes: there you pay for the music you want to listen to, at Blende you pay for the articles you want to read. The price per item is different and can range from 10 cents to 90 cents. The payment structure also resembles that of ITunes: 30% goes to Blende, and the rest goes to the publisher of the article. If you close an article within 15 seconds, you will get your money back, and after that it will be possible to do some more trouble.

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