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COVID-19 Weddings: Putting Your Best Foot Forward Despite the Pandemic

For the most part, love conquers all. And having a wedding at the height of a pandemic may just be another way of confirming that. Right? Who wouldn’t want a committed love, one that will overcome any and all obstacles put in its way? For decades, pop music echoed such a heroic jaw-dropping notion of love.

It talks about a love that can climb “the highest mountain” and cross the “seven seas”.For your part, you could prove things right too. And show the world of a love that even an Earth-stopping pandemic can’t put on hold.

In essence, however, weddings are challenging. A little math should tell you getting your wedding when the virus is at large is even more challenging. From the onset, putting that in mind can save you tons of misery, not to mention save your marriage. Why? Many of those who went ahead and legalized their union during the pandemic, have divorced. They are no longer together as we speak. The best way for you to make your wedding happen during the pandemic is to do it with extra caution. That way,; you can put your best foot forward and not worry about losing a life partner, if not your mind.

The Situation is Fluid

The pandemic is creating all sorts of seemingly “hard” measures for everyone. Top of the list is stay-at-home orders and wearing a face mask wherever you go. As America with all its might is bearing the biggest brunt of the virus, such measures are not going away anytime soon.

What this means for you is you should be wary of the situation. Factor such uncertainties in your plans. If not, you could be sabotaging yourself, building castles in the sand.

A key principle here is to hold your money. Don’t go out paying a down payment on the first venue you’ll find. Make sure your planned date works with all your vendors first. Or you can be throwing money needlessly.

As much as possible go for micro weddings. Not only will this be easier on the budget, but you also won’t have to carry so much load in your head. Tap local vendors who may have banded together by now to support such events.

Some events companies even find a Sunday where four weddings are held in one venue. The major details are shared so costs are low. It’s some sort of one-shoe-fit-all wedding. You have videography, photography, decor, floral, cake, champagne, and what-not all part of the expense.

Then again, know that you need to get in touch with your local authorities before you even discuss venues and all. Know how many can you invite and what other things you need to have to get the reception going. Government advisory should be a good way to start your journey.

Realize that what may be allowed in one state may not be applicable in another.; Although starting the 4th of July, weddings have been allowed, the details may change from one county to another.

Don’t Forget Your Best Memories

All your hard work to get your wedding right won’t pay off if you can’t even review the event after. Make sure your wedding can be viewed digitally. And that all the pictures and videos are given to your end in digital form. That way, you can laugh and cry about it all you want.

Moreover, make sure you’re looking your best in all your wedding pictures. In this regard, telling your vendor to work with photo editing services for wedding photographers should be spot on. Weddings can be one of the most unforgettable events in anybody’s life. Having the right photo editors can be a huge boost to keep all the memories at their best.

Above All, Err on the Side of Safety

As the situation is changing every now and then, make sure you get to monitor what’s happening in your area. Infections can really change everything.

And that should be your ultimate guide in making your wedding a roaring success. Note that there’s a tendency for people to let loose in times of celebration. All the merrymaking and the booze can certainly get to our heads. In such a moment of weakness, the virus could attack.

The September 25 super spreader event in New York City is one classic example. People were so excited about celebrating the 16th birthday of a teenager in a posh hotel, a dozen or so ended up getting the virus.

Still, there’s hope for you. If everything fails, you can hitch your stars to online weddings. Some states in America are already doing it. That’s telling you if there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. And getting hitched is no exception.

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