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What does CPNB mean?

CPNB means collective Propaganda of the Dutch book

The CPNB Foundation aims to encourage the reading of books and books. It is a traditional name for something that today would be called Collective book promotion. The CPNB goes back to 1930, when a day of the book was held for the first time. From 1932, the concept of Book Week emerged and from 1955 came the first children's week. The foundation was founded by umbrella organizations of publishers and booksellers, in 2001 also public libraries joined CPNB. Promoting book ownership is good for cultural development: The book as a repository of cultural heritage, as guardian of tradition, or as a motor of innovation. In addition, a book that is traded on the free market, there is demand, there is supply and there is competition: money is earned. The CPNB is familiar with these two goals: each collective promotion campaign is aimed at reading promotion and on selling books.

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