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What are crocs?

Crocs is a shoe brand

The original crocs look a bit like clogs, but from very light material and available in many colours. The crocs are worn as normal shoes, but you can also walk along the water. They are made of a non-slip material called croslite. Croslite is a type of cross between rubber and foam, and has the advantage that it can only be cleaned with soap and water. It prevents odors and is also called Proprietary closed Cell Resin (PCCR). In Nursing You can see a lot of people walking with crocs because they are sitting wonderfully. Some advantages of the Crocs:

  • They are light
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Anti-Slip Material
  • Little chance of sweating feet and fungi
  • Cushions in the sole provide good blood circulation

. Of course there are also disadvantages: they don't look hip, they are usually a bit rude and they are often not really cheap (if you only look at the price). Because the original is so popular, there are other models and now also slippers, shoes with laces, boots, sport shoes, etc. The name comes from the English word for crocodile, these are strong animals without natural enemies, and they move over land and water. More information (and buy the Crocs) can be found at:

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