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What is Kapla?

Kapla are wooden blocks

Kapla are gnome planks: small, smooth, pine boards of 8x24x120 millimeters. Because of the high quality finishes the planks can be stacked together and the whole remains stable. The 1:3:15 ratio allows you to stack three boards together, because then it is as wide as 1 plank. The ratio is known in painting and architecture as the Golden Section, the model of ultimate beauty. The idea of Kapla started around 1985: a Dutch art historian (and antique trader) moved to France and searched for a shape for a block to build a castle on a scale. KAPLA is intended for children, and in some schools it is also used as an educational toy. Due to the right proportions it also strikes well with adults who make whole construction work with it. KAPLA maintains the highest standards in terms of the quality of the wooden planks: the modern machines ensure very accurate sawing, so that each plank always has the same dimensions.

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