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What is Liqor43?

Liqor43 is a Spanish liqueur

Licor 43 is pronounced as: Cuarenta y tres or Licor Cuarenta y tres and is a sweet Spanish liqueur with a strong vanilla flavor. The drink descends from liquor Mirabilis, a drink that was made long ago near Cartagena.De Romans wanted to ban the drink, but because of the deep-rooted tradition that did not fall into the good taste and the drink eventually became to all corners of The Roman Empire exported. With an export to more than 60 countries, Licor 43 is the most famous Spanish liqueur. The name is descent from the fact that the beverage is made with 43 natural ingredients. Licor 43 has an alcohol percentage of 31%. [Thirstylink ids = "17258"] Licor 43 [/thirstylink] is just getting to the wearer.

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