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What is the Oktoberfest?

The Oktoberfest is a German folk festival

The Oktoberfest is held every year in Munich and is the biggest beer festival in the world. Every year about 7 million people visit the beer festival. The tradition has started in 1810, just outside the centre by a large bronze statue of the goddess of Bavaria. The whole feast is full of tradition, from the opening of the first barrel of beer to the wearing of traditional costumes like the Lederhose or the Dirndl. The party consists of a funfair and lots of big tents, with sometimes place up to 10,000 people. Only beer brewed in Munich (this is stipulated in the law) may be donated during this feast. The beer is served per litre, and in all tents we also serve soft drinks and alcohol-free beer. The Oktoberfest starts mid-September and ends on the 1st Sunday in October. At 11 in the morning it starts and it runs through to about 23:30. Afterwards there is also a Sunday full of traditions with a mass, a paradea with horses, marching bladder chapels and walking groups. More information about this folk festival can be found on the official website

Oktoberfest 2011, Munich [YouTube] hlerYKBLL1w [/youtube]

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