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What does Perseiden mean?

Perseids is a meteor shower

For lovers of stars and meteors, Summer is the favourite season, as it is around this time of the year that the Perseidss are drawing along the earth. This swarm, often typified as meteors, can be described as a cloud consisting of dust particles left behind by the Swift – Tuttle Comet. The residual dust particles whirl slowly to the Earth until they come into contact with the vapour circle. When this happens, a light streak can be seen from the Earth. This streak in the sky is often typified as a shooting star. Every summer, especially in the month of August, the Perseids are on display. Especially on summer days without a cloud of air, viewers can enjoy the light streaks in the air.

The name of these dust particles, perseids, refers to the constellation Perseus. This collection of stars is located on the northeast side of the starry sky, and it is here that the Perseids were spotted for the first time. Formerly, the Perseids were known as the Tears of Laurentius, a martyr who was killed during the Christian persecutions in Rome. When he was killed in the year 258 on 10 August after being tortured for hours, the light streaks of the Perseids appeared in the sky.

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