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What is Sarista?

Sarista is a coffee machine

The Philips Senseo Sarista is the latest coffee machine that comes to the market 11 years after the first Senseo. The Senseo Sarista is a fully automatic coffee machine that converts coffee from fresh coffee beans. The device works with Bean-Funnels: This will keep the coffee beans fresh, even if only 1 cup is made. The bean-funnels are resealable, so after use you can close it and place another bean variation. With the Senseo Sarista it is also possible to make more than 1 cup at a time, handy when there is a party and you prefer to put a thermos coffee in 1 time. The Sarista is pretty fast: 1 cup of coffee is ready within 60 seconds. The device cleans itself after every cup of coffee, so you do not taste the flavour of the previous bean-funnel.

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