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What is illicit advertising?

Illicit advertising is a marketing tactic

Illicit advertising is sometimes referred to as a sneak advertisement. Illicit advertising is widely used on television, in a series or film is then used a product of a particular brand. Often the brand name will be shown in an extra long way. Another name is also called product placement or brand placement. More and more television programs often have a small text at the beginning, where the program has product placement. One of the first recognizable forms of illicit advertising is from IKEA who delivered the bank of the series say ' ns AAA '. The same bank was on the front page of the catalogue. The illegal advertising is in principle banned in the Netherlands, but it is often difficult to judge whether it is advertising. If someone is in a movie or TV series at the breakfast table, then it has products on the table. It's easy to see that as a straightforward advertisement, but that doesn't always have to be the case.

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