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What does ACTA mean?

ACTA means Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

The ACTA is an initiative from Japan and the United States, where the idea is to achieve a global standard of enforcement of intellectual property rights. This would make it easier to deal with the production of illegal, copied goods internationally. Countries can participate voluntarily, at present there are several countries involved (O. M: Japan, United States, Singapore, Canada and the European Union. The ACTA will focus on three key areas:

  1. International cooperation for enforcement
  2. Exchanging a good working approach
  3. Legally working together to combat piracy

From a European point of view, in Brussels there is an increasing commotion about ACTA because it also involves far-off measures to combat digital piracy. The so-called ' three strikes policy ' encounters resistance (three times being caught on illegal downloading resulting in closure of the Internet). In addition, there is greater responsibility for Internet providers and content should be actively filtered. More information and starting points on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Google D.C. Talk: ACTA-The Global Treaty That Could reshape The Internet

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