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What does Advent mean?

Advent means God comes to us

It is a Christian period, 4 weeks before Christmas. In These times the Christians are preparing for the Christmas party (commemorating the birth of Jesus). With the advent begins the liturgical year, and this is always on Sunday that falls between 27 November and 3 December (the Advent season lasts 24 December). The length of the advent period is therefore not always long, but always counts 4 Sundays.

In churches, Advent is symbolically made visible by an advent wreath with four candles on it. Every Sunday an extra candle is lit. In Many churches the color is used purple (this color symbolizes the atonement and repentance).

During the advent period, Christmas markets are held everywhere. Daily buses to the famous Christmas market in Dusseldorf leave every day. All in all, many tens of thousands of Dutch people visit the Christmas markets in the Netherlands and Germany every year.

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