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What does dim mean?

AFM means financial Market Authority

The AFM is an (independent) supervisor on the financial markets (you have to think about saving, borrowing (including mortgages), investing and insuring). The AFM's aim is to strengthen the confidence of consumers and companies in the financial markets (both nationally and internationally). A company must inform its customer well about the Financië services and products they offer. The AFM makes sure that everyone observes the laws that apply. The AFM supervises the following three areas:

  • Financial Dienstverle
    ningPersonen and companies engaged in financial services must be knowledgeable, but also reliable and honest. The information that is provided must be understandable and not misleading. Service providers must act in the interests of their customers, which we call the duty of care.
  • Capital market
    s The AFM maintains the rules applicable to people and companies active in the stock market (and other securities). Listed companies need to release price-sensitive information on time, the AFM verifies this, and looks at whether or not there is any misleading information or that people are using insider knowledge.
  • Consumer
    s too can act with insider information, the AFM also admits (this is often the case for employees of listed companies who have more than the outside world.

More information can be found on the website of the AFM.

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