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What does AMFI mean?

AMFI means Amsterdam Fashion Institute

The Amsterdam fashion Institute leads young people who have the ambition to grow to a leading position within the fashion industry (both national and international). The AMFI is part of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and there are more than 1200 students studying. Most of the 100 teachers is not only concerned with education but also has a job in the fashion industry. The AMFI was created in 1992 by a merger between a fashion academy and the higher technical School for confection. Meanwhile, there are specialized specialisations: Fashion & branding, Fashion & Design and Fashion & Management. More information about the AMFI can be found on the website of the HvA.

Fashion Show Individuals by AMFI Part 1 AIFW 2010 July 15th [YouTube] LQexwrxbIiY [/youtube]

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