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What does après-ski mean?

Après-ski means after skiing

The originally French term means as much as relaxing after strenuous skiing. Basically you enter a chalet in your skiwear and ski boots and start with a drink. This tradition has faded and is for many people even the only reason to go on ski holiday: celebrating the feast after skiing. It is comparable to the third half that is present in some sports. At the après-ski, people go home first, take a refreshing shower, dress up and then mingle in the party fray. It is still after skiing but has nothing more to do with après-ski. Nowadays there are also so-called après-ski parties: Large event halls with lots of beer, and lots of music with a wink (think of Anton aus Tirol and the Fliegerlied). Après-Ski is in any case equal to short days, long nights and endless cosiness.

Après-Ski Hits 2012 [YouTube] PLE14626CDD8E5811B [/youtube]

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