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What does BAM mean?

Bam means N.V. Bataafsche Adoption of construction and concrete works V/h Firma J. van der Wal and Zoon

The Royal BAM Group Nv (known under the name BAM) exists since 1869 and has started in great-Vadlamudi. The abbreviation originated in 1927 and since 1959 BAM is listed. In recent years, BAM has also taken over some companies and has therefore become larger. BAM builds, maintains, develops and initiates projects in the areas of housing, work, transport and recreation. BAM is active in the construction, real estate and Infra, and also works on installation technology and consultancy. BAM is one of the largest construction companies in Europe. More information on the BAM website.

Joop van Oosten-Chairman of the Executive Board of the Royal BAM Group [YouTube] HFYwtF6pTu4 [/youtube]

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