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What does Bricken mean?

Bricken is parking with your mobile phone

Of course it is not parking with your phone, it is parking money paying with your mobile phone. Yellow Brick is one of the companies that promotes parking with your mobile, so this company puts the word ' bricken ' in the market. Bricken never pays too much: you pay for the time your car is in the parking lot. So you don't have to estimate beforehand how long you will stay somewhere. The downside is that you have to pay a one-time start-up fee. After that, there are no monthly fees, but transaction costs per parking. The more advantageous is the fact how often you have to pay somewhere to park and whether it is always 58 minutes or 12 minutes.

Yellowbrick-Bricken on the street [YouTube] NF4sthQvRuQ [/youtube]

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