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What does bod mean?

Bod means farmer seeks wife

Farmer seeks wife is a popular KRO television program presented by Yvon Jaspers. It is a television format that is broadcast in several countries with a simple starting point: A number of peasant farmers (or women farmers) are looking for a life partner, and the program helps with this quest. At the end of April was the first broadcast in the Netherlands and the program has become immensely popular. It starts with proposing candidate farmers, then the public can write a letter. Then follows the process of selection and dates. The continuation is that surviving potential partners remain on the farm for a number of days to experience the farming life. Because a farmer is always at work, it is difficult to go on holiday, or to find a partner, this program jumps into it. More about the program can be found on the KRO website.

Farmer seeks woman [YouTube] 9E99CD46263BEBC4 [/youtube]

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