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What does ergonomics mean?

Ergonomics means adjusting the environment to humans

Ergonomics covers the whole daily life but is especially known in situations on the work floor, it comes from the (Greek) words: Ergon (work) and Nomos (law). It must ensure that the health and safety of workers is ensured. There are basically three types of ergonomics:

  • Physical ergonomics (think here of the work posture, repetitive movements, workplace design, safety, etc.);
  • Cognitive ergonomics (think of memory, human-computer interaction, stress, mental workload, deciding, etc.);
  • Organisational ergonomics (think of communication, teamwork, teleworking, quality assurance, etc.).

When it comes to muscles, there is still a distinction between static and dynamic work. In static work, muscles are constantly taxed and fatigued quickly. This tax leads in the long term to a disregulation of the muscles and nerves. In dynamic work, the muscles are stretched and relaxed alternately. Dynamic work promotes blood circulation, but is a somewhat large strain on the joints.

Ergonomics at work [YouTube] 7-ybWlRyv70 [/youtube]

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