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What does globalisation mean?

Globalisation means globalisation

One person uses the word globalization and the other uses globalisation, but this both comes down to the following: it is a continuous process of global economic, cultural and political integration. Because of faster communication and faster transport, it doesn't matter if you buy a product that you purchase in the Netherlands is now made in Germany or in China. And whether you're sending an email to your aunt who lives in Canada, or who lives three blocks away. All this is due to globalisation, no matter where something or someone is. A product is manufactured at the cheapest possible place, for the consumer it does not matter where it comes from. It does ensure that the various authorities must adhere to international agreements and developments. Globalisation has started when people long ago went on a voyage of discovery and took everything from other parts of the world.

Globalisation and the effects [YouTube] uH4apz2HOQg [/youtube]

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