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What does Haptonomie mean?

Haptonomie is the doctrine of the taste

Haptonomie deals with the contact between people and the environment. A man is a feeling being, he connects himself, the environment and other people. Haptonomie provides awareness and clarification of the emotional life. Haptonomie is a way to better get in touch with yourself, to listen to your body and your feeling. Feeling is both the feeling of the body (touch, pain, etc.) but also emotions, not physical feeling. The word haptonomie comes from the two Greek words Hapsis (feeling, sense perception) and Nomos (rule, law). A haptonoom accompanied people to get more in touch with the feeling, so it is not really a medicine to name but more of an approach. Not all insurers refine the haptonoom, but increasingly take it up in the package.

What is Haptotherapie [YouTube] YXWJ3uWXOys [/youtube]

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