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What does HTM mean?

HTM means Haagsche tramway-Maatschappij

The HTM is a transport company that operates public transport by tram and bus in the region of The Hague. The HTM was founded in 1887 and exists since 2002 under the name HTM passenger transport. There are more than 2000 people working to ensure that 135 million people arrive at their destination every year. HTM tries as much as possible to show the travellers that public transport is a good alternative to the car, at any time of the day. The HTM has an eye for the environment as an engaged transport company and actively participates in social and societal developments. More about the HTM can be found on the website.

Trams HTM The Hague 1995-2005 [YouTube] P8SCC8zOOZ0 [/youtube]

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