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What does IGZ mean?

IGZ Means health Care Inspectorate

The IGZ promotes public health by maintaining the quality of care, prevention and medical products. The inspection examines and judges impartial, expert, careful and independent of the current health system or political preference. The supervision of the IGZ consists of more than 40,000 institutions and companies. The IGZ is part of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and originated in 1995 by merging the Medical Inspectorate of Public Health, the Medical Inspectorate for Mental Health and the inspection For the medicines. The supervisory tasks are laid down in the Gezondheidswet and consist of consultations and advice, the conduct of inspections and the imposition of penalties. More information about the IGZ can be found on the website of the IGZ.

IGZ is deceived [YouTube] nkrBofgytDs [/youtube]

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