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What does inbakere mean?

Inbakere It means wrapping from shoulders to feet

Inbakering implies more that wrapping in a few cloths, it cannot be seen separately the old ' rest and regularity ' (for babies This is: sleeping, feeding, waking up, sleeping, feeding, etc.). Inbaker is a way to reduce the crying of the baby and to sleep More (better) (or vice versa: a way to get better sleep so that the crying becomes less). The baby is more easily asleep by means of inbaker, often the sleep is deeper and longer, so the baby is more comfortable and can drink with more rest, which reduces the burden of cramps again. By wrapping feet and shoulders the movements of the baby are limited, so that it can more easily surrender to the sleep and does not awaken themselves by the movements. In the past, Inbakering was applied to get a straight back and firm shoulders. When is it useful to baker the baby?

  • If the baby is struggling to fall asleep
  • If the baby only does hares sleep
  • When the baby quickly becomes overstimulated
  • When the baby cries a lot without a demonstrable cause

Nowadays there are also special Inbaker cloths for sale, but mothers still use normal cloths to keep in.

Inbaker with normal cloths [YouTube] FzAf_fDigJQ [/youtube]

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