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What does shooting mean?

shooting means Balwerpen

shooting is a ball sport in which the intention is to throw a ball (in the hands) as far as possible. Two teams (consisting of 3 to 5 persons) try to make the distance in as few throws as possible. A bastard is a wooden or plastic ball (at least 5cm diameter) that has been pierced three times and whose holes are filled with lead. There is no maximum for weight and size, but an average asshole weighs half a kilo. The sport has been practised since the 13th century, and 1392 was the first bastard archery built in Haarlemmermeer. The game of then seems to be the most on golf as we know it now: you have to go to a pre-spoken spot of Kloten.

World Cup shooting DINKELLAND 1921-2010. [YouTube] vGMOpS5Fk6k [/youtube]

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