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What does LVQR mean?

LVQR means La Vache Qui Rit

LVQR is the well-known red smiling cow and is a brand name of a melted cheese. The cheese is of French origin but is nowadays made everywhere (and eaten). The basis of the cheese started in 1921, when one had a recipe to produce soft, long-life cheese. Since the beginning, the smiling red cow can be found on the packaging, as the image has been adjusted over the years. The number 1 cheese world wise is eaten in more than 90 countries: 2,500 portions are eaten every 20 seconds. In the Netherlands, La Vache qui rit offers the following products: La Vache qui rit points, la Vache qui rit Cheez Dippers, La Vache qui rit Apéricube and since 2007 also La Vache qui rit lubricate cheese in pot.

Commercial LVQR 90 years [YouTube] vv3_0ywxnQ4 [/youtube]

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