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What does NIFV mean?

NIFV means Dutch Institute for physical Safety

The NIFV has more than 100 employees and there are 300 guest lecturers associated with the Institute. The NIFV has at its disposal modern training facilities and conference facilities with which they can help and advise with current knowledge and research professionals within the fire and crisis management. The core values of the NIFV are:

  • Driven by safety
  • Customer-and result-oriented according to professional standards
  • Heart for the profession and respect for each other
  • Decisiveness, innovation and reflection
  • Involved and reliable partner
  • Professional independence and integrity
  • Openness and transparency in communication

More about the NIFV can be read on the website.

NIFV train incident [YouTube] PX2K4w_Nj5w [/youtube]

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