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What does NVP mean?

NVP means Dutch association Personnel Management & Organisational development

The NVP is a network for HRM/P&O professionals engaged in HR matters (working conditions, training, industrial relations, recruitment & selection, etc.). The network consists of more than 5000 people from different subareas. Every year there are about 75 meetings about the field and the membership offers discounts on courses and courses in addition, there is also the own trade magazine staff policies. More information can be read at NVP-Plaza.

NVP means Dutch association of participation Companies

De NVP is a trade organisation of the participation companies in the Netherlands. A large part of the private equity investment comes from NVP members. The aim of the NVP is to inform entrepreneurs about the potential of private equity and to inform investors about specific characteristics. In addition, of course, the overall contribution and improvements to the private equity sector. This is done by creating brochures, speaking at conferences and organising training. More information can be found on the NVP website.

NVP means Dutch Association for psychotherapy

The NVP is a professional association for (registered) psychotherapists and those who are in training. The NVP monitors the quality and development of Dutch psychotherapy and strives for greater awareness and social understanding of psychotherapy. The members are employed or independent and both ambulatory and outpatient. More information about the psychotherapy can be found on the website of the NVP.

NVP means Dutch trade union poultry farmers

The NVP is a flat organisation that is committed to the position of poultry farmers. The NVP is involved in consultation and provides knowledge of the members (about 38% of the Dutch poultry pile) and represents an independent advocacy. At suitable meetings the vision of the NVP can be presented, poultry meetings or meetings of study clubs are suitable for this. Information from the NVP can be found on the website.

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