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What does NZa mean?

NZa means Dutch care authority

The NZa is an independent administrative body that supervises the markets for care. Because care is becoming more and more expensive and the pressure continues to increase, the care euro must be spent as well as possible. The government wants to achieve better health care through regulated market forces in healthcare. The NZa has the task of making and monitoring the care markets, and this is what it does with the sector, which focuses on the interests of the consumer. Market forces have given more freedom to providers and insurers of care (but also more own responsibility). There may be more negotiated price and fixed rates are more a more unleashed. If the interests of consumers are at stake, it is time for the NZa to intervene. More about the NZa can be read on the website.

Mark force in care [YouTube] Y1YWi7g6QEI [/youtube]

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