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What does Pyromanie mean?

Pyromanie means fire sigh

Pyromanie is best known for the person who is suffering from this: the pyromaniac. A pyromaniac is someone with an irresistible urge to found fire. A pyromaniac has a fascination for fire and his (almost always) young men. A pyromaniac founded fire on more than one location and often has not only the attraction to fire, but also objects or uses that are related to fire. Often there is a relief or some kind of gratification in causing a fire or witnessing a fire. A pyromaniac does not feel or hardly guilty: a pyromaniac only reason from his own needs. A pyromaniac is not the same as a arsonist: a arsonist is someone who founded fire for a reason (often insurance fraud), but has no fascination with fire. Not much is known about treatment, but therapy aimed at the drifts that one has as pyromaniac can work as a method of treatment.

Pyromans in the Netherlands [YouTube] Xlpx7Mmsjzg [/youtube]

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