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What does Q fever mean?

Q fever is an infectious disease

Q fever is a disease that can pass from animals to humans. Most people run Q fever by inhaling air where the bacterium occupants. This occurs mainly in the period from February to May (Lamb period of goats and sheep). The phenomena are very similar to those of flu (headache, chills, muscular pain, nausea). In Some cases there is a low heart rate and chest pain, and sometimes there are inflamed cardiac valves. The incubation period is 2 to 3 weeks, and the Q fever cannot be transferred from human to human. Pregnant women are more susceptible to contamination, and veterinarians, livestock keepers and slaughterhouse staff are among the risk groups. The RIVM will take measures and conduct research on a suspicion of Q fever. For more information go to the government website about Q-fever.

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