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What does roaming mean?

Roaming means wandering

Roaming is using mobile networks in the current language and means roaming from one network to another (without disconnecting). Thanks to roaming, it is possible to call your Dutch mobile phone subscription abroad. But roaming is not just a matter for foreign countries, even in their own country there is roaming. When you go to an area where your own provider does not have a range and is thus switched to another network. When roaming is first checked whether there is an appointment between the two providers, that is not the case then it is not possible to make a call. If there Is an appointment, the data will be exchanged so that the ' non-proprietary provider ' also knows what the appointments and subscription settings are. The user of the service generally does not notice, a few times an SMS is received stating that there is connection with the other network. Often there are additional charges for the user for roaming traffic, think about this when visiting abroad.

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