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What does sommelier mean?

Sommelier means wine waiter

A sommelier (or wine waiter) is someone who is in a restaurant who knows everything from wine and from the wine-food combinations. A sommelier is especially in restaurants that are more expensive, where you can also offer (more expensive) wine to the guests. Of course, it is not the case that there is always an expensive wine in a dish best suited, but it is seldom the case that the house wine is the best fit. Besides offering the right wine, the sommelier also gives explanations about the wine list, so that the guest can decide for themselves what wine they want to drink. The sommelier is also the one who is responsible for the management of the wines and usually also for the compiling of the wine list. In The Netherlands most sommeliers are affiliated with the Dutch Guild of Sommeliers.

What makes a master sommelier? YouTube T5tANkR2wRI [/youtube]

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