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What does TBS mean?

TBS means posting

TBS is the abbreviation of posting (previously this was TBR: provision of government). TBS is a measure that the court can impose on a suspect of a crime, which has a minimum of four years ' imprisonment or some specifically mentioned offences (for example, threat and stalking). The condition is that the judge is convinced that the defendant was suffering from a lack of development or morbid impairment of the mind at the time of the offence. Tbs is a custodial measure, aimed at protecting society from the danger of the condemned. The TBS-set has often already had prison sentences for the offence committed. The penalty is aimed at retaliation for that part of the offense that can be charged to him. The TBS measure should â € "after the end of the prison sentence – ensure that the psychiatric illness or disorder is treated so that the likelihood of recurrence can be avoided as much as possible. Read more about TBS on the website of justice.

In 2008, the movie TBS has come out, below the trailer. [YouTube] wstgZwdTw2g [/youtube]

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