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What does VGG mean?

VGG means statement of good conduct

The official abbreviation is actually V.O.G. (statement about the behavior), and is for some professions this is necessary (education, childcare, police, etc.). In sectors where money is dealt with, or confidential information, or with children, a statement of behaviour is increasingly being requested. More and more It is also true that there is no need to issue a statement at the application, but also a few years later. A VOG you ask at the Civic affairs Department of the Town hall, the application is supplemented with data from the GBA forwarded to the COVOG (Central Organ Statement on behavior). A VOG costs around 30 euros, often there are no costs when the VOG has to do with a connection for volunteer work. A VOG is issued if there is no criminal record containing facts that could interfere with the exercise of the specific function (a person who wants to become a taxi driver with a conviction for driving under influence will not receive a VOG so quickly).

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