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What does WTCG mean?

WTCG means law compensation for chronically ill and disabled

The WTCG regulates that the disabled, the chronically ill, the elderly and the incapacitated workers can receive an allowance for the extra costs they make regarding The disease. Often extra costs are to be incurred because of the illness or limitation of thinking: extra costs for clothing, bed linen, transport to care institution, extra energy costs, etc. For this type of costs an allowance can be requested from the WTCG. The various groups entitled to an allowance must meet different conditions in order to actually receive the compensation, the amount you get is between the &eur; 153,-and &eur; 510,-. The money amount depends on the amount of care, whether the age or whether you are staying in a healthcare institution for example. More information can be obtained on the website of the national government.

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