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What is Bokbier?

Bokbier is a special beer

Bokbier is a beer that is available only a few months a year, basically you have Herfstbok (October) and Lentebok (May). In the past, Bokbier was ruby red in colour and a malty taste. Nowadays everything is possible with the only requirement that it has a stamwort content of at least 15.5 Plato.

Almost all breweries have their own bokbier. It is sold between October and February and is called Herfstbok (often dark in color). From lent to May, Bokbier is also sold, but this is lighter in color and is called Lentebok or Meibok. In recent years there are more than 50 different bokbieren on the market and there are several bokbier festivals in the country.

Tastiest Bokbier [YouTube] 4JIxnmpbxss [/youtube]

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