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What is CampZone?

CampZone is an outdoor gaming event

At CampZone, nearly 2000 people come together to play games (gaming) from their tent or caravan. The computers (and game consoles) of connected via LAN so that a lot can be played against each other. LAN parties are not unique, but CampZone is unique because the event lasts 11 days. The main tent of 675m2 has catering and there are people present to help with computer malfunctions, of course there are also consoles available for gaming. Not only is it being gamed from the tent, there are also activities for the BBQ or the campfire. Because most people take more than 1 computer or console, the power consumption is gigantic (more than the pop festival Lowlands consumes for example).

CampZone 2010 [YouTube] KWNGVK8WYVG [/youtube]

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