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What is Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga is an online game

Candy Crush Saga is a popular game on Facebook and on various mobile platforms made by It's easy to play but works very contagious: all you have to do is get three same candies in a row. The game looks like Bejeweled, but might be tricky to explain if you don't know this game. It's about having two shapes (in this game so candies) that are adjacent to each other can change places. You can only move them if you can make a combination of 3 or more candies) of the same color and shape. When combinations of 4 or more candies you get a combo with extra powers (an entire row that explodes, a few candies explode around, or all the candies of the same color explode. earned money by buying extra lives or special lives. Try the game itself, on the website of King.

Because of the addictive action of the game, many people consider it Evil. For the people who already play the game, this movie can contain recognizable elements.
Candy Crush Saga is Evil [YouTube] aeLTx-ZhlFQ [/youtube]

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